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What is EUMODIC?

EUMODIC will bring together a large consortium of 18 research institutes in 8 European countries who are experts in the field of mouse functional genomics and phenotyping

EUMODIC will undertake a primary phenotype assessment of 500 mouse mutant lines. Phenotyping of further mutant lines will be continued by the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium http://www.mousephenotype.org/.

Mutant lines will be made available from another EU initiative, the EUCOMM (European Conditional Mouse Mutagenesis) project which aims to produce conditional mutations in 20,000 mouse genes.

In addition, a number of these mutant lines will be subject to a more in depth secondary phenotype assessment.

What are the aims of EUMODIC?

The EUMODIC consortium will build on the work in the EUMORPHIA project that delivered a comprehensive database – EMPReSS - of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that can be used to determine the phenotype of a mouse.

EUMODIC has developed a selection of these screens, EMPReSSslim, which is structured for comprehensive, primary, high throughput phenotyping of large numbers of mice

Primary phenotype assessment using EMPReSSslim will be undertaken in four large-scale phenotyping centres at the HMGU, Germany; ICS, France; MRC Harwell, UK and the Sanger Institute, UK. This primary phenotyping data will then be made publicly available on EuroPhenome http://www.europhenome.org/

A distributed network of centres with in depth expertise in a number of phenotyping domains will undertake more complex, secondary phenotyping screens and apply them to a subset of the mice which have shown interesting phenotypes in the primary screen.